Real Estate Division

A new addition to GCT, this division aims to maintain a healthy growth by expanding its portfolio in different areas of business.

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Tubli Building
Gulf Pharmacy External

A commercial building that has 3 floors, Gulf Pharmacy branch is located in ground floor. The first and the second floor both have rented commercial units.

Busaiteen Building
Busaiteen Pharmacy External

A commercial building that has 3 floors, Busaiteen Pharmacy is located in ground floor, first floor includes a saloon and a clinic, second floor contain 3 clinics.

El-Palacio Apartments
A GCT owned building in Janabiya

A new residential building located in Janabiya, the building has 6 floors, each floor contain 3 apartments except for 6th floor which has 2 apartments.

GCT Warehouse
GCT Warehouse

The new main warehouse for GCT W.L.L.

GCT Building
GCT Headquarters External

The headquarter for GCT real estate, the 8 floors building is located in Juffair, comprising offices for Gulf Corporation for Technology W.L.L.

Al-Awadhiya Building

Located in Rasruman, this is a three storey residential building comprises a ground floor, first floor and second floor. Ground floor consists of three residential Flats. The First and the second floor both contain 5 residential flats in each floor.

Building 3312

A three storey residential building located in Juffair, each floor has one apartment.

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